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Manage the SAG signatory process, location scouting, permits, insurance policies, timelines, budgeting, call sheets, and payment.

FilmLA, Movie Magic, EP, Microsoft Office Suite, Airtable, Google Workspace

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Experience with contracting writing + negotiation, working with union and non-union talent of all ages, intimacy coordinators, stunt coordinators, and studio teachers.

Breakdown Express + Backstage

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Skilled in photo, video, and sound editing; in addition to image retouching, graphic design, and VFX.

Adobe Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools

90+ productions

10+ companies

8+ positions

Selected Projects:


Photo Department

@ NBCUniversal


  • “Found” FYC Event
  • “The Voice” FYC Event
  • “ted” FYC Event
  • “Shooting Stars” FYC Event
  • “A Place For Angry People”
  • “731 Willow Ave”
  • “all things must end.”
  • “Art Thief”
  • “Between These Walls“
  • “Exodus”
  • “The Entomologist”
  • “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” ​FYC Event
  • “Late Night With Seth Meyers” FYC Event
  • “Apples Never Fall” FYC Event
  • “The Traitors” FYC Event
  • “Watch What Happens Live” FYC Event
  • “Top Chef” FYC Event
  • “Based on a True Story” FYC Event
  • “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” FYC Event
  • “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” FYC ​Event

Production Assistant

  • 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards
  • 37th + 39th Film Independent Spirit ​Awards
  • Google I/O
  • Lizzo: Live in Concert
  • Spotify: Stream On
  • EA Play Live
  • Stand Up To Cancer
  • Apple Music First Listen (Lady ​Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Bish, Belly, J ​Balvin, and Dan + Shay)

Casting Director

  • “Pepperoni” dir. Jacob Staudenmaier
  • “Between These Walls” dir. Reese Garcia
  • “The Late Thomas Whitaker” dir. Eshank Modi
  • “Happy Birthday To Me” dir. Eshank Modi
  • “Art Thief” dir. Bettina Ernst
  • “Penny’s Gallery” dir. Taylor Garcia
  • “Black Sheep” dir. Kristian Crowther
  • “The Knights” dir. Kristian Crowther
  • “Checkers” dir. Jeanie Laybourn
  • “Exodus” dir. Jack Cohen
  • “731 Willow Ave” dir. Tate Stüssy
  • “A Place For Angry People” dir. Tate Stüssy
  • “all things must end.” dir. Janelle Little
  • “MINIFIG” dir. Tapio Tokunaga
  • “Oh Mary, My Mary” dir. Isabella Margolis
  • “Muses” dir. Gearld Canaday IV
  • “Obscura” dir. Gearld Canaday IV
  • “Revelations” dir. Paige Broman


  • Associate Producer, Pod People
  • Writer/Director, “all things must end.”
  • Editor, “all things must end.”
  • Photo Editor, NBCU FYC House 2024
  • Photo Editor, Apples Never Fall Premiere
  • Photo Editor, The Voice S24 Live Shows
  • Photo Editor, The Voice S25 Live Shows
  • Script Consultant, Slated Inc.
  • Social Media Manager, EndoGlow
  • Social Media Manager, “As The Day Goes By”
  • Talent Management, Volume LWH


  • Director of Photography, “The Dancer”
  • Camera Op/Utility, Sutido 203 + Zócalo Public Square
  • 1st Assistant Camera, “So Awkward You Could Die”
  • 2nd Assistant Camera, “10 Speed”
  • 2nd Assistant Camera, “That Time of the Month
  • Script Supervisor, “Puppets”
  • Script Supervisor, “Phil Gunderson Teaches Screenwriting”
  • Location Manager, “Pretty Ugly Creature”
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I am a hardworking, collaborative, and ​imaginative creator with a passion for visual ​storytelling. I specialize in creative project ​management including producing, casting, and ​editing. I have a diverse portfolio of award-​winning projects that showcase my skills and ​creativity.

Production Experience: The Voice, Love Island, ​The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, The 37th ​and 39th Film Independent Spirit Awards, ​Lizzo: Live in Concert, Apple Music First Listen ​episodes (Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, J Balvin, and ​more), Spotify: Stream On, Google I/O, and ​more.

I am eager to create impactful and thought-​provoking media that challenges the norm and ​promotes authentic representation.

Photo Portfolio

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